Yet Another Knitting Blog

I admit it, I am not one to jump on bandwagons.  Indeed, I am not one to usually act without thinking things through.  So this leaves me as the last knitter in the free world with access to a computer to start a blog.  When I went to see the the Yarn Harlot last year and she asked how many people had blogs I was stunned by the number.  Apparently I was one of the few blogless knitters there.  This piqued my interest but did not make me reconsider my blogless state.  No, it was Ravelry that finally  pushed me into considering a blog.  Why?  Because it made me finally open a Flickr account and learn to do all sorts of computer type things I had never done before.  A blog seemed a short technological step and still I did not take the plunge.  Then my good friend Vin came up with the blog name.  Still no blog from me. 

What finally pushed me into starting this blog was Superbowl Sunday.  Ever since the Buffalo Bills broke my heart, I have had no time for football.  Also, as I know of at least three yarn stores having sales and/or events on Superbowl Sunday, game day seems to have become some sort of underground knitting holiday.   As I sat waiting for commercials and eating cupcakes, finally I fired up the computer and set up an account.  Lest, anyone think my technological skills have progressed too far, I cannot get Flickr to cooperate to add a picture.  Well at least I started!   


One Response to “Yet Another Knitting Blog”

  1. Christmas Baby Says:

    Hurrah!!! A few words:
    1. How lovely to see this wonderful blog R. It is a thrill.
    2. NO pictures of cupcakes have ever been or will ever be gratuitous.
    3. The entries are very enjoyable- much like reading Jane Austen to the light of a Christmas tree.
    4. It’s nice having famous friends with their own blogs!!!

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