How I Lost My Knitting Mojo – Part II

Misti Alpaca Chunky

The lovely Misti Alpaca Chunky my Mom rejected.

The loss of mojo might have been averted had I been making any progress on the other Christmas presents.  Sadly, I was not. 

Mom’s Scarf

One afternoon my Mom and I were in Downtown Yarns.  They happened to have a couple of skeins of the purple Misti Alpaca Chunky I had already bought with the intention of making her a scarf with a hood.  I sidled up to her with a skein in hand and casually asked her if she liked the yarn.  She glanced and it and said, “No.”  “You didn’t even feel how soft it is,” I said.  She touched it and said, “It’s not bad.”  All righteee.  Since I was not about to spend hours knitting something for Mom in a yarn she was not interested in and I did not have any other yarn in my stash that I thought would be appropriate, the scarf was off the list. 

Fuzzy Feet    

Based on the positive talk over at Ravelry I was looking forward to doing a bunch of pairs of Theresa Vinson Stenersen’s Fuzzy Feet from Knitty.  My plan was that I would give them as gifts unfelted and then the recipients would felt them at our house.  In particular, my in-laws were coming for a visit so I thought it would be fun to give both my MIL and SIL Fuzzy Feet during their visit so that we could felt them together. 

Anyway, I had the plan, the pattern and the yarn.  But no needles.  It was October and I wasn’t worried.  In my daily travels I figured I would just pick them up.  Except that did not happen.  Actually, I began to wonder if everyone was knitting these slippers because every yarn store I went to was out of the size I needed.  Unfortunately I finally found the needles when my in-laws were here so there was no time to actually make the slippers.  Fortunately, I found them at Seaport Yarn.  The store had on display a pair of felted slippers and my MIL thought they were nifty.  That made me feel better because I think she will enjoy them when she does finally get them. 


Despite what seemed like a good plan in October and hours of knitting, on Christmas day not one person on my knitted gift list actually received a knitted gift.  My BIL’s hat was finished but he was unable to visit so he would get his gift after Christmas.  Yup, the knitting mojo was gone.         


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