How I Got My Knitting Mojo Back – Part II

December 2007 094
Originally uploaded by fairgirl

Today is a glorious spring-like day. On Saturday I was wearing thermals. Today I am considering sitting out on the deck.

Once the Calorimetry was done I felt the urge to knit. Well, knit anything other than a hat. One of my good friends is a Christmas season baby and who loves everything to do with Christmas. As a gift I decided to knit him and his partner each a mini sweater out of Joelle Hoverson’s Last-Minute Knitted Gifts book. They have a fantastic Christmas tree every year and I wanted to add some hand-knitted love to it.

The little sweater pieces knitted up quickly and were completely adorable. This really got my mojo going. However, I found the yoke to be more time consuming than I expected so I only had time to finish one little sweater. Because the project was so cute I did not let this dampen my spirits. Then to complete the project I made a clothes hanger out of a pipe cleaner to hang it on as the book suggests. So cute!

The whole thing was very charming. I loved knitting up the little sweater and was somewhat challenged by it. This, I think, is key to the maintaining of my knitting mojo. When I feel I am not getting anywhere on a project I need to cast on a small and slightly challenging project to keep the mojo going. So I am generally a process knitter with some instant gratification issues. There are worse things.


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