Yarn Harlot in Time Out New York

Gratuitous Yarn on Swift photo
Originally uploaded by fairgirl

When the latest issue of TimeOut New York showed up and there was a picture of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee on page 11 for a book signing for her new book, I was excited.  After all, it was at last year’s event that I discovered that I was the last knitter in the free world without a blog.

I am looking forward to the event. Hopefully it will be just as much fun as last year. Being with hundreds of knitters cranking out squares for Warm-Up America while laughing together was amazing. It reminded me of the powerful feeling that I had when I did the Susan G. Komen run a few years ago.  As we turned into Central Park and I was at the crest of a small hill, all I could see were women running together. It felt great to be part of that sea of women runners.

A non-knitter is going to the signing with me. I can’t wait to see his reaction. Last year when I was trying to catch a ride to FIT and told my co-workers where I was going they were incredulous. If you really look around there are so many sub-cultures right under our noses. Hopefully my friend will enjoy his look into this part of the knitting world.


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