How I Spent Almost All My Money at Rhinebeck in 25 Minutes

Mom’s Fingerless Mittens
Originally uploaded by fairgirl

Last October I decided to go to Rhinebeck on the Friday night and then drove up with my Mom the following morning. What this really means is that because I decided to go on such short notice my budget was small.

I am a big fan of Spirit Trail Fiberworks so that was one of my first stops. Of course, immediately I found a few skeins I loved and picked them up. There were another two skeins I was debating getting because I was not sure if I should spend almost my entire budget at one booth within 25 minutes of getting there.

I picked up the two skeins and then put them down and walked around the booth. As I came back to those two skeins, another woman picked them up! My heart was in my throat and I had to suppress the urge to yell “Hey that is MY yarn.” She put the skeins back and I snatched them up. Decision made. For the rest of the day I was a happy little camper wandering around clutching my purchases.

Clara Parkes of Knitter’s Review was also at the Spirit Trail Fiberworks booth signing copies of her book, The Knitter’s Book of Yarn. She was very nice. I want her book and I was tempted to get it but it turned out to be a choice between yarn and the book. Yarn won.  But I still covet that book. 

While at Rhinebeck my Mom said she wanted me to knit her a pair of fingerless mittens. She was given the mission of finding yarn for them. Over the course of the day she looked at hundreds, if not thousands of skeins and never picked one.

With Mom’s birthday approaching, in January I picked up some  Cascade 220 in pink heather at Patricia’s Yarns to make her the fingerless mittens from One-Skein Wonders. As you can see from the picture, I had not finished the thumbs by her birthday. When presented with the fingerless mitts she said, “why did you make me these?” I responded “you asked for them when we were at Rhinebeck.” She has no memory of this and seemed a little puzzled by the gift at first. I take comfort in the fact that she now seems to really like them and loves the color.


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