Finally, a Blogroll and My First Knitting Book

My First Knitting Book

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Well, I finally added the obligatory blogroll. I read a lot of blogs but decided to include only a few because I am too lazy to add them all at once. Over time I will add more. Be forewarned – they are not all knitting blogs and there is a distinct lack of political correctness in some.

While going through some boxes in my basement a few months ago I came across the my first knitting book, the Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework. It was very exciting to find it. All these years later I STILL dream of making the Aran sweater.

However, I can see why I gave up knitting as a child. My Mom taught me what she knew and I did not have anyone else to help me further my skills. This book, while very inspiring now, was way over my head as a child. Anyway, I now know that I learn best by watching and then repeating. TG for videos on the internet and classes.


3 Responses to “Finally, a Blogroll and My First Knitting Book”

  1. A Tree Huggers Wife Says:

    I love this book and refer to it often, not just for knitting. It has saved my butt many times in crochet and embroidery.

  2. bruisinraincloud Says:

    I have the VERY same book & I feel very undeserving of it! LOL

  3. Toni in Florida Says:

    Thanks for listing me in your blogroll! You’ll be in my next blogroll update, too.


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