Felting Madness

I finally finished the first Fuzzy Feet (Foot?) slipper in a frenzy.  It did look like a sock for Paul Bunyan. 

 Fuzzy Feet before felting

Once I was done with the knitting I decided to felt it to see how it would turn out if the felting process would adequately hide my mistakes.  I had done a swatch to experiment with felting before knitting up the first slipper.  However, the slipper felted in unexpected ways.  First, it felted much faster than the swatch did.  Second,  the cuff did not shrink as much as I expected but the foot shrunk more than I expected.  Nonetheless, it looks very cute and I have my fingers crossed that it will comfortably fit my MIL. 

  Fuzzy Feet

So now I have finally unveiled photos of the before and after.  Yeah, I guess I am finally proud of what was once the Frankenstein of my UFOs.  I cast on for the second slipper – now let’s hope it will somewhat match the first!


One Response to “Felting Madness”

  1. GardenerX Says:

    It is always about me fairgirl (I know you understand)

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