Knitting Fervor Takes Hold

I am in the midst of a knitting fervor.  The joy of the stitches flying across my needles is so simple and so intoxicating.  The only reason I can stop to write this is because it is about knitting.  To be honest, I am tired and should stop because this is the time when mistakes are made.  But I can’t.  It started because I took the light rail a few times this week, including tonight.  Public transportation, doctor’s waiting rooms, courthouses, public places are my favorite places to knit.  I can be immersed in my knitting and still be surrounded by the jangly energy of people.  All the hustle and bustle around me energizes me.  The other night I made a remark about how I would enjoy my train ride home and one of my friends explained to another that I would enjoy the ride because I would be knitting.  She knows me well.  Enough writing, back to the knitting.          


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