The Bulletproof Poncho Has Issues

The knitting fervor continues.  Today I worked on both the second pair of Fuzzy Feet and the “So Many Ponchos So Little Time” poncho from The Yarn Girls’ Guide to Beyond the Basics.  I also caught up with some of the Sticks and String podcasts.  Now, I do not know David Reidy but I have to admit that I was rooting for him to win something at the Easter Show with his Henry VIII sweater.  That is one impressive piece of knitting!  I was happy to hear that he won second place.  Go David! 

Pictured below is the poncho at an early stage.
Bulletproof Poncho

The poncho is now being called “Bulletproof” because it is very dense.  When it is done it may be able to stand up on its own!  But it will be very warm.  St. Patrick’s Day in New York is always colder than I would want it to be so the poncho should work well.   

Anyway, in the middle of my desire to just knit, I came to a crossroads with the poncho.  Time to decide whether it is wide enough so I can start the decreases.  My plan is to knit the medium size.  But with it scrunched up on the needles I could not determine it’s true width.  So I put in a lifeline and took it off the needles.  And well, my gauge was a little bit off.  When I measured it, I realized it was now a size large.  I spent some time agonizing over whether I should continue on or rip back.  I have never made a poncho so I am not sure how big it should be.  However, the fact that it is knitting up into a very dense fabric makes me think that if I continue with it as a size large it will look like a circus tent on me.  Not a good plan so tomorrow I will fix it.  Though, just to be safe I will put a lifeline in. 

When I took it off the needles I also realized that the cables were turning out much better than I expected.  That was an encouraging discovery.


One Response to “The Bulletproof Poncho Has Issues”

  1. Bijou Frise Says:

    Make sure you make it long enough to keep you warm.

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