Back from the Baby Shower


We came home yesterday after a great weekend.  We got to spend time with the family, have some good food, and snuggle BIL and SIL’s cat.  Yes, that is their cat’s butt sticking out in the picture above. 

Thanks for the wrapping suggestions both in the comments and in emails.  It turned out we could not find a big bow and Hub voted against a bunch of little bows.  So we covered it with a crisp white sheet and then draped over that an extra large colorful baby themed [with baby animals, including lambs : ) ] gift bag.  It worked out well.

The cradle was the last gift opened.  My BIL [he knew what it was because he had to carry it up the stairs for me] took my SIL over to the gift.  She touched the top, looked at me, and asked if Hub had made something.  I nodded “yes.”  She took off the covers, looked at it, and started to cry.  Of course, then I started to cry.  Then other people started to cry. 

Hub was surprised when I told him that his cradle caused us to cry.  I was also surprised at the reaction.  But if we had thought about it beforehand, we should have known better.  It was an emotional day celebrating the impending arrival of a much anticipated child who will be well loved.  Hub put his heart into that cradle and I am glad people could see that.


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