Got that Baby Sweater Done in the Nick of Time

Five Hour Baby Sweater

Well from the photo in the previous post with the Five Hour Baby Sweater in the cradle, it is clear that I did get it done for the baby shower.  But just barely.  After I found the pattern, got the yarn, and finally settled on using size 9s I faced the problem of that I only had one size 9 circular (Addi Turbo, no less) and needed another size 9 needle to do the sleeves.  This realization hit me on a Sunday when I got to the sleeve.  I have so many needles that I could not believe that I did not have what I needed.  

None of the local LYSs are open on a Sunday.  Or even Monday.  I found myself deeply mourning the closing of the local Rag Shop and mad that I have never bought myself a set of those Knit Picks Options needles.  Out of desperation I went to a Wal-Mart that Monday at 7:15am.  I do not often go to Wal-Mart but I know that some carry crafting stuff and some do not.  This one did not.  So that afternoon between meetings I tried to get to a knitting shop that I had never been to.  I got lost.  Very lost.  I ended up driving around lost and cursing like a sailor. No knitting got done that evening.

On Tuesday I finally got to Patricia’s Yarns and purchased not only a set of size 9 straights but also a set of 9 dpns. I will never go without 9s again!  The plan had been to do most of the sweater on Sunday and Monday because my week was jam packed and we were leaving on Friday.  Well, of course, that did not work out so I was squeezing in knitting whenever I could, mostly between midnight and 4am.  This left me cranky, tired, and basically freaking out.  Some of my sweet friends tried to talk me out of this.  But I was a woman on a mission.  To be honest the project is an enjoyable one.  The yarn is lovely, the pattern is essentially a quick knit, and I love my Addi Turbos.  But I make mistakes when I am tired and I kept making stupid mistakes that required me to frog and reknit.  I finished at 8:30 on the morning of the shower.  Okay,  I did not block it.  I convinced myself that superwash does not need blocking [I will probably block it when I go up for the birth].

So a little review of this project – I would definately do this project again with the Lorna’s Laces using size 9 needles [now that I have them].  I would like to say “thanks” to Courtney of the Yarntootin blog for the pattern.  It is a very cute sweater but not girly so it can be made if you do not know the gender of the baby.  Also, the sweater looks to be a good size [we will see when the baby is born].  I did not want to do a really small size because the baby may never wear it if he/she is big at birth.  The construction requires a minimum of seaming, which I prefer, especially for baby stuff.  Go Courtney!

Section of Five Hour Baby Sweater

I am not sure if the colors of the yarn are showing up well in the pictures I have posted.  But in real life the colors are just vibrant and joyful.  This yarn is adorable and a pleasure to knit with.  Now that I have picked up the second pair of Fuzzy Feet [I know, I know, enough with the Fuzzy Feet] again, that yarn feels so rough in comparison. 

So – good pattern, good yarn, cute sweater.


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