Resisting Clawing My Eyes Out

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At WWKIP day I started the second Five Hour Baby Sweater.  It is a fun knit and since I would be taking the train a few times this week I was looking forward to getting some serious work done on it.  When I finally found myself on the train the other day,  I happily settled in to do some knitting.  First out came the yarn and next the needles.  Then I realized that I had forgotten the pattern.  Prime public transportation knitting time -WASTED.  I almost knit on it just to knit but I did not want to have to rip back. 

To make matters worse, I did not even have a book with me.  I almost bounced off the train in frustration.  I did have to seriously resist the urge to claw my eyes out.  At least I had my Ipod so I could listen to podcasts.  Yeah, knitting podcasts.  But knitting podcasts can be very annoying when you CANNOT knit.  So after my errands were done I headed over to Gotta Knit to pick up some yarn and needles.  I am itching to do some socks.  Gotta Knit has moved.  I did not know this.  Clearly I was not meant to get any knitting done that day. 





One Response to “Resisting Clawing My Eyes Out”

  1. Kristen Says:

    How frustrating! Sometimes it’s just not meant to be… Been there. Done that.
    🙂 Kristen

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