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The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef

July 31, 2008

Crochet Reef

The other day I went to check out the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef on display at the Winter Garden at the World Financial Center.  The point of it is to raise awareness about the damage the coral reefs of the world are sustaining.  So why crochet?  According to an article published by Time Out New York, mathematicians thought that hyperbolic geometry could not be reproduced.  But then in 1997 Cornell researcher Daina Taimina discovered that it could be reproduced in crochet.   I have to say that is just brillant.  Go Daina!

Crochet Reef

The project is sponsored by the Institute for Figuring.  The reef on display at the Winter Garden was crocheted by people from Chicago,  the NYC Crochet Guild, and the Harlem Knitting Circle.  According to the  IFF’s web site, people can still contribute models.  I really have to learn how to crochet because I would love to contribute.  It would be so cool to have some of your handiwork displayed in a museum or other public place, other than on my head.

Crochet Reer

It should be noted that the listings for the display in Time Out New York’s Around Town section describe it as “massive.”  Based on this I assumed it would take up all of the display areas in the Winter Garden.  It actually takes up about a third of the available display area.  However, when you consider the number of crocheted items and the amount of time that went into the display, it definately is “massive.”

Crochet Reef

The display runs through August 31st.  Other than the fact that it is a really interesting display, you might want to go so you can run into some other fibery type people.  Hub and I met two lovely ladies while we were there.    We talked about yarn stores, digital cameras,the Bronx, Peter Cooper Village, and podcasts.  It was so nice to meet and chat with them.  

Crochet Reef

For anyone who has not been exploring the joys of knitting podcasts, you can start at ITunes.  Or with my favorite podcast, Stash and Burn.

Crochet Reef

Hub gets all the credit for the photos.  Thanks Hub!


An American Walked on the Moon in 1991?

July 28, 2008

Um, well no.  But apparently a local newspaper does not realize this.  A friend sent me a link to this article about Bernard Harris, the first African American to walk in space.  The headline is “Walked on moon in ’91, now inspires kids.”  

I am not sure what upsets me more, that a newspaper could get this so wrong or that Mr. Harris’  achievement is being misrepresented.

Swearing off Fuzzy Feet

July 25, 2008

If you think that I have been neglecting this blog, you should see the amount of laundry that has piled up.  Anyway, it has been a rough  character building few weeks.

Earlier this week I spent a few hours in a doctor’s office.  He is a really good doctor and at this point I know that  a visit to his office will often mean a very long wait.  Apparently I am not the only one who knows this because getting the first appointment for the day for him means a wait of many weeks.   

Of course, I put this time to good use and worked on, surprise, surprise a Fuzzy Feet slipper.  I have considered renaming this blog “Fuzzy Feet and Occassionally Knitting Something Else.”  All I have to do is graft the toe, which I still can’t do without instructions.  Once I finish this slipper’s mate I am swearing off Fuzzy Feet for awhile.  No, really.  I swear, as this blog is my witness, no more Fuzzy Feet.  It is a fun and portable pattern but I think it is time to finally make some actual socks.

My Stash

July 12, 2008

The Stash

Originally uploaded by fairgirl

I know I have a small stash and I like it that way. But looking at that picture makes even me think ,”Damn, that’s small!”

Organizing My Knitting Bits and Pieces

July 7, 2008

One of the unfortunate side effects of being a recovering pack rat is that I am always in the midst of organizing and reorganizing something.  So today I noted that on my never-ending To-Do list was “Organize knitting stuff.”  And I was dreading it because it was certain to be a mess.  But it wasn’t.  Actually it was very well organized.  Aside from shuffling the odd paper around, taking a few pictures, and  entering some things into Ravelry, I was good to go.  So either the cat has been taking care of this stuff or I have been in my sleep.  I really hope the cat did it and plans on keeping it up because I need all the quality sleep I can get.

Anyway, since I am always fascinated by how other people organize their stuff, I thought I would share how I organize my knitting stuff.

Knitting Stuff

Yarn and other bits and pieces are kept in the brown containers.  The picnic basket has been repurposed to hold projects and the necessary odds and ends.  It is portable so I can take it and knit wherever I feel like in the house, on the deck, or on porch.  The red binder holds patterns, notes, swatches, and circular needles.  The canvas bag also holds WIPs.  Wooden straight needles are in the blue vase.  Under the table are some knitting books but most of my knitting books and magazines are in a bookcase in another room.  Hub made me the table a couple of years ago. 

And yes, I know I have a ridiculously small stash.  If Stephanie Pearl McPhee came to my house and saw my stash she would feel the need to do an intervention.

I have given up on Monogamy

July 4, 2008

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

No, not that kind of monogamy, knitting monogamy.  Previously I was the sort of knitter who only worked on one project at a time.  I think this came from some sort of work ethic my parents instilled in me.  But since most of my knitting is done in public this really limited what I could knit.  Then on one of the Knit Picks podcasts, Kelly Petkun talked about the number of different projects she had on the needles and the reasons behind having different projects.  I realized that it really made sense for me to always have a portable project to stuff in my bag as I ran out the door so I could maximize my knitting time.  Anyway, right now I am blocking a small item (I will talk about that another time) and have on the needles another pair of Fuzzy Feet, the second Five Hour Baby Sweater, and the Bulletproof poncho.   

I think I should mention that I really enjoy the Knit Picks podcasts.  Initially I resisted because I feared the podcasts would be all about peddling the knit picks products.  However, Kelly knows her stuff.  In my fantasy life Kelly is my knitting expert auntie .  The knitting on a budget episode is a really solid and helpful episode.