Organizing My Knitting Bits and Pieces

One of the unfortunate side effects of being a recovering pack rat is that I am always in the midst of organizing and reorganizing something.  So today I noted that on my never-ending To-Do list was “Organize knitting stuff.”  And I was dreading it because it was certain to be a mess.  But it wasn’t.  Actually it was very well organized.  Aside from shuffling the odd paper around, taking a few pictures, and  entering some things into Ravelry, I was good to go.  So either the cat has been taking care of this stuff or I have been in my sleep.  I really hope the cat did it and plans on keeping it up because I need all the quality sleep I can get.

Anyway, since I am always fascinated by how other people organize their stuff, I thought I would share how I organize my knitting stuff.

Knitting Stuff

Yarn and other bits and pieces are kept in the brown containers.  The picnic basket has been repurposed to hold projects and the necessary odds and ends.  It is portable so I can take it and knit wherever I feel like in the house, on the deck, or on porch.  The red binder holds patterns, notes, swatches, and circular needles.  The canvas bag also holds WIPs.  Wooden straight needles are in the blue vase.  Under the table are some knitting books but most of my knitting books and magazines are in a bookcase in another room.  Hub made me the table a couple of years ago. 

And yes, I know I have a ridiculously small stash.  If Stephanie Pearl McPhee came to my house and saw my stash she would feel the need to do an intervention.


One Response to “Organizing My Knitting Bits and Pieces”

  1. Miss 376 Says:

    That’s what I’m aiming towards, not sure how many years it will take me

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