A New Kind of Crazy on the Train

Yesterday while I was on the train I realized that a whole new sub-category of crazy has developed from the perennial favorite category of “crazy person who talks to him or her self in public”  Ever since the advent of headphones combined with radios there has been a small portion of the crazy person category who would sing or hum along aggressively to whatever music they were listening to or pretending to listen to.  This type of crazy use to be an anomaly.  However, I have encountered so many of them in recent months that I have realized that the “crazy person with mp3 player singing” has become a full-fledged crazy person sub-category. 

Usually members of this category are lone males in their twenties wearing earphones who rock back and forth while doing some combination of singing and/or humming.  It is the rocking, whether gentle or aggressive, that indicates to me that these people qualify as “crazy people.”  A long time ago I saw a documentary about severely neglected children.  Many of the children would rock back and forth as a way of soothing themselves.  Now I get to experience this behaviour first hand. 

While on the train yesterday working on some Fuzzy Feet (yeah, I know, I know but they are a great portable project), a guy sat down next to me and turned out to be a “crazy person with mp3 player singing.”  The volume of his singing/humming and the aggressiveness of his rocking kept changing throughout the trip.  He was very annoying, to say the least.  I was greatly tempted to politely ask him if he could lower his voice but then I realized that he was a crazy person and that I would be violating one of the cardinal rules of public transportation.  This rule is “Leave the crazy person ALONE.”   

Anyone offended by this post should stop their whining and just admit that they would never willingly sit by the “crazy person” on a bus, train or plane.


5 Responses to “A New Kind of Crazy on the Train”

  1. GardenerX Says:

    Yup. City life sounds grand.

  2. fairgirl Says:

    Oh, honey, crazy people are everywhere, including the WaWa, Walmart and the place where you get that square pizza.

  3. Scott Says:

    I’m with the gardener on this, though I am worried that Wyoming crazy probably involves high-powered rifles with scopes.

  4. fairgirl Says:

    I prefer the unarmed kind of crazy.

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