Andrea McCardle is Great but the Knitting is Not


Last week I went to see Andrea McCardle at the Metropolitan Room.  She was great!  Her rendition of “Tomorrow” was particularly poignant.  If you get a chance I would recommend going to see her.

The first Broadway play I ever saw was Annie starring Andrea McCardle.  At that show my Mom got me the little Annie doll pictured above.  I felt like such a geek but I brought it with me to the Metropolitan Room and had Andrea sign it.  She laughed when she saw it but said that she has signed many of these dolls over the years.

Yesterday my Mom said to me, “Are you still knitting?”  Of course, I answered “yes.”  She replied, ” Oh, I thought you might have taken a break.”  Uhm, no Mom.  I just do not talk a lot about the knitting when it is NOT going well.  Since I have been doing lots of gifts, I cannot identify the projects until after the gift has been received so no pictures at the moment.  But they will pop up later.

Anyway, this week I have learned that I can be perfectly fine [not tired, not cranky, and completely paying attention] and still make a huge mistake requiring lots of ripping back.  While ripping back I remembered that I can curse like a sailor.  I also learned that even though I did a gauge swatch, I should still check my gauge while actually knitting the actual project because apparently something can happen that would lead to the project turning out to be a size suitable for the little Annie doll.  This is problematic when the item is intended for a human being.


3 Responses to “Andrea McCardle is Great but the Knitting is Not”

  1. Toni in Florida Says:

    The Yarn Harlot said it something like this: gauge swatches lie. It seems to be true, from what I’ve read. I can’t say from personal experience, as I knit things where gauge isn’t important or where I’ve substituted yarns and so have to adjust the pattern and/or needle sizes anyway. My equivalent of a gauge swatch is usually part of the actual item, measured and fussed over. Good thing I knit stuff mostly scarves, charity squares and stuff for babies… and don’t have to make them fit the recipients immediately, as I make them for newborns in 12-mo size, to give the child time to grow into them and wear them longer.

  2. fairgirl Says:

    I should know better but sometimes I get caught up in the knitting I forgot to check. I keep my gauge swatches in a binder w/ notes. Mostly so I know if I like the yarn, what the gauge was like, etc. It can be entertaining to look back at some swatches and wonder what I was thinking when I picked the yarn!

  3. zakka life Says:

    I agree, you can’t always trust the gauge, it’s a shame really.

    The Annie doll is adorable, it reminds me of my Raggedy-Ann doll.

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