The Smart Car

My neighbors bought a Smart Car this week.  It is as if Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and their cute kids moved in next door.  People are constantly coming by and oohing and aahing over it and taking pictures.  My neighbors are outside all the time washing it and showing it off.  IT IS absolutely adorable.  I just want to pat it on the fender and pinch it’s little tires.  I am tempted to start calling it “Shiloh.” 

You would think that after a few days the hoopla would die down.  However, as we are located in between a bus stop and train station and near a great bakery, there is a constant stream of new admirers.  May be I should start selling pictures of it.  

The most embarassing thing about all this?  A few weeks ago I saw a Smart Car when I was walking home from a local diner with my cousin.  I forced my cousin to stand next to that cute little car and I took a picture.  So I have to admit that I am just like all the gawkers wandering down my block.  But yeah, it is really really cute!


2 Responses to “The Smart Car”

  1. GardenerX Says:

    I’d look like a circus bear riding a tricycle in that.

    I know what you mean though, I took a picture of a cute car the other day myself. (I really did)

  2. fairgirl Says:

    So is that your next car 🙂 ?

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