Baby Hat Jag

Basketweave Hats

I went through a baby hat knitting jag and made three little pink basket weave hats from the book, A Passion for Knitting.  I would post pictures but our computer is having some issues so sadly, until I finish fixing the problems, no cute baby hat pictures. [As of 10/22/08 some of the computer issues have been resolved so I have added a picture of two of the three hats].

The jag started with knitting a hat for my friend’s niece and just kept going.  The basket weave hat pattern calls for it to be knit flat.  Since I hate seaming I tried to convert the pattern to being knit in the round.  That was spectacularly unsuccessful.  Finally  I gave in and knit each one flat and seamed them up.  Because I was unsure of the right size for my friend’s niece and my own niece, I made three different sizes.  But my little niece is very teeny and even the smallest hat did not fit her well.  I thought the jag was over but I think I need to get reinspired to knit an even smaller hat.  Good thing the pattern is flexible enough to make resizing it simple.


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