A new yarn store opened near me that is accessible by public transportation. Woo-who!!!

Yesterday I went shopping with my Dad and Hub.  We are quite the unlikely trio of shoppers.  We bought a 20 foot long pipe, a pipe cap, 250 pounds of cement, metal straps, raisins, hummus, pita chips, peanut butter, Pam, pork chops, a jacket, and computer stuff.  Clearly this shopping trip covered at least three different projects.  If you can guess what the project involving the metal pipe and hardware store type stuff is, then well, you are officially a smarty-pants in my book.

You will note the absence of yarn or yarn related items from that list.  No, I have not made it to the new yarn store yet.  What kind of a knitter am I?!?!?!  I know I am lame.  Right now I am experiencing a compulsion to knit something on size 8 circulars.  For some reason only circulars will do, even though the item is not going to be knit in the round.  I have nine, yes nine, sets of size 8 needles: five sets of straights made out of an assortment of metal and wood; two sets of dpns made out of wood; and two circulars.  Of course, I cannot find either of the size 8 circulars and am busy ignoring the other seven sets of perfectly good needles.  Yeah, I can be fickle.


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