Yarn in the Mail – Another First

Well it finally happened.  I finally ordered yarn from an online retailer.  As a person who generally considers online shopping the greatest thing since sunscreen, my reluctance to buy yarn online might seem weird.  I was actually forced into the purchase because I did not have enough yarn to finish the bulletproof poncho.  So last weekend I ordered the Tahki Baby from Webs for the poncho.  Since I was getting that I also ordered some red Valley Yarns Huntington to make my first pair of socks, oh, and some patterns. 

A few days later it was exciting to find the package stuffed in the mailbox.  It was easy and convenient.  But it is not something that will become a habit.  First, because I am neither a yarn stasher, nor a fast knitter, my yarn needs are pretty small.  Second, I am lucky enough to have access to a number of great brick and mortar yarn shops.  These shops need the support of customers to survive and I think that a great part of the joy of knitting is going to yarn stores and finding both the yarn and the inspiration.  For yarn that I am familiar with and/or cannot purchase locally, buying online is a great resource.  But otherwise, I want to support my LYSs as much as I can. 

I specifically did not order the needles I need for the socks.  So it is off to an LYS in the near future.  Hopefully, one of them will have the needle size I need.  Otherwise, I will be tempted to order needles from KnitPicks and that will be opening a whole other dangerous door.


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