Fix or Frog???

The back of the bulletproof poncho is finished and I quickly seamed it together to see if it would fit because I had my suspicions that it would not.  I pulled it on and it caught on my shoulders.  The hole for the neck was up at my chin and I have not added the turtleneck yet.  As it fits now, if I add the turtleneck it will cover my nose.  Yikes.  To fix it I will have to rip back and change the rate of decreases to make additional room for my shoulders. 

It is fixable.  But do I want to fix it?  When I tried it on there was just no excitement.  The yarn is great, love the color and love the cable but is it flattering and wearable?  I am a little blue so that may be affecting my perception of it.  When I showed it to Hub he suggested that I try it on with jeans (I was wearing a skirt).  He was right because it was an improvement.  But this yarn would make an excellent throw.  It would be easy to adjust the pattern to make it a rectangular throw with the cable up the middle.  

So what am I going to do?  What women have done throughout history – I am going to show it to a friend for an honest evaluation.


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