Itty-Bitty in Her Hat and Sweater

 Itty-Bitty in her hat and sweater

Isn’t she a cutie pie!!!  Itty-Bitty is my friend’s beloved little niece.  There is that rule that you should not wear two hand-knit items at the same time, but with her charm she can pull it off with style.

This is one of the hats I made during the baby hat jag I was on for awhile.  The hat is the basketweave hat from A Passion for Knitting by Nancy J. Thomas and Ilana Rabinowitz.  It is a little big on her.  The pattern is for a preemie sized cap but because Itty-Bitty was full term I sized it up by doing about ten more stitches than the pattern calls for.  However, she is such a little cutie, the preemie hat would have fit.  I also omitted the topknot.  The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash in Strawberry Creme. 

The hat is knit flat and then seamed up.  While I prefer to do hats in the round, this hat is so cute and easy that taking the time to seam it up is worth while.  Once I find in my house the circs I used, I plan on knitting up a couple more of these in different colors and sizes as gifts so another jag is in the works.

The sweater is the second of the Five Hour Baby Sweaters I knit out of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted Multi in the Child’s Play coloway.  The pattern is by Courtney of the yarn tootin’ blog.  It is also a little big on Itty-Bitty.  Like the hat pattern, this is a quick and enjoyable pattern that I will make again.  But it did take me longer than five hours.


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