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Back from Ireland

November 23, 2008

A special thanks to all of you who have been checking my blog.  It is so nice to know that even when I do not post regularly people still stop by for a look.   I have not disappeared!  Last week one of my Uncles passed away after a prolonged illness.  My Dad and I rushed off to Ireland to be there for the wake and funeral. 

I am back now and will post pictures of my Irish knitting purchases and updates on my projects.


Ginormous Sock

November 14, 2008

First Sock

In the interest of full disclosure:  my first sock turned out big enough to fit Finn McCool, or so my parents like to keep reminding me.  I had left it on my dining room table.  My parents stopped by while I was out and, of course, called me later to tease me about the size.  Once I finish the second one, I will go back to rip this one out and try it again.  And, yes, I know it looks like a Fuzzy Feet slipper.


November 12, 2008

My cousin told us the other day that there is a rumor in the family that the names of my Dad and all his brothers are from James Joyce’s Ulysses.   His sisters are all named for saints.  I thought all of them, brothers and sisters, were named after saints. 

I have flirted with Ulysses but must admit that I have never muscled my way to the end.  May be it is time I did because from the bits and pieces I have read I do vaguely recall my Dad’s name and the names of two of his brothers being in there.  This has inspired me to actually read the whole thing.  I will have to dig out a battered copy from my basement.  Inspiration can come in weird ways. 

Just for good measure, I should note that neither my Dad, nor any of my uncles are named Leopold or Stephen.

Fixing Fetching

November 9, 2008

Fetching Before Felting

The other day as I walked to the grocery store I thought to myself, “I need a pair of fingerless mitts for when my hands are chilly but gloves or mittens would be overkill.”  I am a woman with cold, cold hands.  My Mom always says, “Cold hands, warm heart.”  But Hub sometimes complains to me, ” You only want to hold my hand so you can warm up yours.”  That’s not true.  Well, not true most of the time. 

I do have a pair of fingerless mitts.  Awhile back I knit myself a pair of Fetching.  It is a lovely pattern and a quick knit.  Unfortunately in my fervor to knit them up I did not take into account the fact that they would end up too big.  So big in fact that they kept falling off my hands and I stopped wearing them. 

Now Hub may not knit, but he certainly pays attention.  He suggested I do a little felting.  And I did. 

In the felting process the lovely detailing was lost.  But now I have super warm and comfortable fingerless mitts.  I ran them through the washing machine cycle once.  They were just damp when they came out so I put them on and shaped them to my hands. Now they have a nice snug fit.

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