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Miracles Never Cease to Exist

December 29, 2008

On Christmas Eve Hub lost a penny while we were at Mass.  It was not just any penny, but an Irish penny that he has been carrying around since a trip to Ireland in 1997.  After Mass, we searched for it but could not find it.  Hub was upset.  I told him that I would give him another Irish penny to replace it.  But from his face I knew  it would not be the same.  This really upset me.  In the midst of all that is going on, it felt like a kick in the stomach to lose that penny.     

Today my Mom went to Mass.  At one point she  was praying with her eyes closed and her head down.  She opened her eyes and saw the penny!  So Hub will get his penny back.  I know it seems a silly, inconsquential thing and may be just a funny little coincidence.  You can explain it away however you want.   But it was just the happiest little miracle to me.


Now Trying to Get Back Into the Swing of Things

December 23, 2008


Yesterday my horoscope advised me that I would have a busy day and that it would get even busier.  I did not need to read that to know things would be hectic in my life in the days leading up to Christmas, and after Christmas, and into the New Year!  Really, is there anyone whose life is not crazy at this time of the year? 

So I posted last month that I went to Ireland for my Uncle’s funeral.  Uncle P.J. was quite the character.  He was always good to me and we had some great adventures.  In some ways he was the grandfather I never had.

On my return home I thought I would just slip back into my life.  That did not happen.  I have been swamped with things to do and have had some difficulty getting back into the swing of things.  May be deaths around the holidays are harder for me because life is already out of its normal routine.  Everything seems out of whack.  But I am working at it and I feel my usual enthusiasm returning.      

The trip was a mixture of good and bad moments.  On the plus side, we got to spend time with the family.  I met some relatives for the very first time.  I even got to squeeze in some yarn shopping in Dublin.  As for the bad, it was a sad event.  However, even though we attended the wake and funeral, my brain just cannot accept that he is gone.  My Dad seems to be in the same boat.  I am wondering when the reality is going to hit us.