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Some Lessons Learned from My Most Recent Trip to Ireland

January 26, 2009


1.  If there is any chance you may have to make an emergency trip to Ireland – buy ALL the yarn you might need for the project at the same time.  The fact that the yarn store is 30 minutes away and always has that yarn in stock is no comfort when you are standing outside the yarn store five hours before  you need to leave for the airport and the store owner is late.  Your stress level may be so high that you find yourself on the verge of tears.  Thankfully there is a diner down the street where you can drown your stress in pancakes, toast, eggs, and hash browns (this is particularly useful as you may not get another decent meal for 24 hours).

2.  Make sure you have circular needles for your knitting on the plane.  If your project is on 12 inch straight needles and you are sitting in the middle seat you will not be able to comfortably knit because you will be preoccupied with trying  not to poke the people around you.   You do not want the stranger sitting next to you getting off the plane and complaining about “that f*$&ing woman and her g^%#@^* knitting.”  Do not give knitting a bad name.  Also, even if one of your seatmates is a close relative, even he will at some point complain about being poked in the gut.

3.  Make sure you bring at least one impressive project with you.  You will find that many people in Ireland learned to knit as children.  None of them did scarves as first projects.  A surprising number of them used to churn out complicated Aran sweaters.  The basic scarf you are making as a birthday gift for your friend will seem lame to them. 

4.  Before leaving for the airport go onto Ravelry and print out the list of yarn stores from the Irish Knitters Group.  While lots of people in Ireland can knit, not so many do now and even fewer can actually direct you to a yarn store.   

5.  Never, ever eat a Cadbury Flake candy bar near your knitting.