Cold Toes

First Sock!

The other day Hub came home to find me darkly muttering about kitchenering (is that even a word?) the toe of my first sock closed and the chicken that refused to defrost so I could roast it for dinner.  The toe never got grafted closed that night and we had canned soup for dinner. 

The sock was done except for grafting the toe closed and removing the lifelines.  Now, I successfully used the kitchener stitch before on those Fuzzy Feet slippers and the ginormous sock.  But for some ridiculous reason I just could not get it going.  The following day I finally went over to  and watched their video tutorial on the kitchener stitch about 20 times and got the job done. is a fantastic resource. 

Right now I am just about the turn the heel on the second sock.


4 Responses to “Cold Toes”

  1. Scott Says:

    As in Lord Kitchener?

  2. fairgirl Says:

    Are you referring to Lord Kitchener, the calypso musician? If so, I believe the kitchener stitch predates him.

  3. Scott Says:

    To the late19th/early 20th century British general

  4. fairgirl Says:

    I was sure you meant the calypso musician. I believe the kitchener stitch also predates Lord Kitchener by a few hundred years.

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