No Second Sock Syndrome Here!

Enjoying the afternoon sun

Aren’t you done with those socks yet?

The Christmas tree has been down for quite a while but I still keep finding pine needles on the floor.  I think Kitty has something to do with it but he is not saying a word.   

Right now I am working on the toe decreases for the second sock so that should be done soon.  When I finish I will post pictures.  As I approach the end of the this project I now have a taste of why sock knitting can be so addictive.  Once you get the basics down socks can be a relatively quick, easy, and portable project.  Oh, and turning that heel is pretty nifty too.

Next up on the needles?  I am anxious to start a hat with my “souvenir”  yarn from Ireland because the weather here is freakin’ crazy.  And I am determined to fix the bullet-proof poncho in time for St. Patrick’s Day.  That will be a production!


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