Today I finished making a Hallowig.   It was a reasonably quick and easy knit.  However, it did require some emergency needle buying as the sticky acrylic yarn worked best on a metal needle.  I picked up an Addi circ.  So I used cheap yarn on an expensive needle.  The weirdness of that does not escape me. 

Anyway,  since I KIP a lot, people have been constantly asking me what it is.   Since it is so odd I have been showing them the picture from Knitty.  That I am knitting something for Halloween in April seems to get people’s knickers in a wicked twist.  I finally said to someone, “why do you care?”  The person just sputtered at me.  Just wait until I start knitting an Elvis wig for Hub!


2 Responses to “Hallowig”

  1. Toni in Florida Says:

    I should think people would appreciate someone who plans ahead. Of course those people might be the sort who do their Christmas shopping on Dec 24th! I haven’t done a Hallowig yet, but I’m thinking I’d like to try one in violet or pink or teal… or a mix. And yes, I probably have acrylic yarn in all of those colors already in the stash. And then some. I shudder to think how many colors of cheap acrylic I have, yarns that were passed on to me by former knitters and crocheters who didn’t want to throw their yarn away. For reasons unknown, I haven’t been able to do it either. I prefer to believe every yarn can become SOMETHING, eventually. Color me optimistic!

  2. fairgirl Says:

    The sticky acrylic yarn is perfect for the Hallowig because it holds the shape. A good marriage of yarn and project.
    I do agree that all yarn has it’s purpose. But to be honest, I’m not the knitter to help some yarn reach it’s potential:)

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