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Magic Loop and the Best Laid Plans

August 28, 2009

Mom's Tea Cup from Ireland

A few  weeks ago I decided to finally teach myself how to do Magic Loop.  Maggie, from my knitting group, had given me some lovely yarn for Christmas with a pattern for arm warmers.  It was the perfect project to learn and practice Magic Loop.  I also had some minor surgery scheduled that I figured would leave me laid up for about two days at home.  While I was laid up I planned to finish the arm warmers, update my Ravelry account, and finally blog about  the projects I have finished.  A perfect little plan.  But my surgery ended up being a little  more major than expected.  I found myself in the hospital for a few days.  Then I ended up at my parents for a week recovering. 

If you ever want to get away from it all, I would recommend going to stay with my parents.  They do not have internet access and very poor cell phone coverage.  The food is good and Mom and Dad are very entertaining.  You will have to say the Rosary every evening, but it is good for your Catholic soul.


New Places to get Sunburn

August 14, 2009

I am ridiculously fair.  And by fair I mean lacking in skin color.  In high school biology sophmore year, when the first period class discussed albinos, I was used as an example by a girl I knew.  The teacher assured that  class and subsquent classes throughout the day that I was not an albino.  Some people were not convinced.  When I entered the classroom for the last period of the day, the teacher took one look at me and started laughing.  By that time both of us were tired of the issue. 

This lack of pigmentation has led me over the years to become more and more rigourous with applying sunscreen to avoid sunburn.  But the sun is relentless and I end being sunburnt in odder and more random places like the base of my neck on only one side; a dime size area on the back of my left knee; and so on.  However, I have now been sunburnt on the oddest place ever, my eyelids.  This seems to have occurred because I was wearing my regular glasses for a few days, instead of the usual contact lenses and sunglasses combo. 

My eyelids turned a bright pink color, not unlike my usual eye make-up, and became sore.  At first I thought it was a skin irritation and chucked all my eye make-up.   Then the real fun started as the peeling began.  Because the skin was so delicate to the touch I could not put in my contacts.    I also could not put anything on the skin because it just increased the burning feeling.  Little pieces of skin got into my eyes, got caught on my glasses and stuck onto my face.  Up close I looked like I had some crazy sort of molting disease.  After the initial peeling subsided I was able to put an eye cream on to soothe the pain.  Unfortunately eye lid skin is not the most absorbent and I end up with a weird greasey look.  And bits of flaking skin stay stuck to my eyelids. 

Today my Mom stopped by.  I had told her what was happening but she clearly misunderstood because she said to me, “I told your father your eye lashes got sunburnt and are falling out.  He wouldn’t believe me.” 

“He shouldn’t believe you!  My eyelids got burnt, not my eye lashes.”   She then took a good look at my eyelids and was visibly disgusted.   I think I need to research if there is eye shadow that contains sunscreen.