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How I Got My Knitting Mojo Back – Part I

February 13, 2008

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For us Christmas does not end until the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6th. The days between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are generally my favorite of the Christmas season. We spend time relaxing, enjoying our presents and the decorations, and eating wonderful leftovers. What I really enjoy is sitting in the living room and knitting by the glow of the Christmas tree. However, the unfinished hats were marring this time.

After some roaming about Ravelry I decided to be proactive and try to take my mojo back. At Rhineback I had purchased some yarn from Spirit Trail Fiberworks to make a Calorimetry. As many people know, Calorimetry is a wintery headband made using short rows. The designer is Kathryn Schoendorf. It was in the Winter 2006 issue of Knitty. It is a popular pattern and I can see why. It is a quick knit with an interesting construction.
Right after Christmas day I did a gauge swatch. Based on the swatch I cast on 80 stitches and started. Well, started is an understatement. It was my first time doing short rows and I must admit that when I read the pattern I could not envision how this was going to work out. That just made it all the more interesting. The more I knit the more fascinated I became with whether this project was going to turn out right. It was like a good mystery that you just cannot put down because you are enjoying it so much and want desperately to get to the end to see how it all works out. I only stopped that night because I was tired and feared that I would make a mistake.
The next evening we went to dinner at my parents’. Of course the project came along and I continued knitting with great anticipation of completing it. What I found particularly interesting was that as it was on the needles it just did not look like what I thought it would. I just could not tell if it was going to be the right shape. In fact, until I actually finished casting off, I was not sure if I had done it right.
That night at my parents’ when I finished I was elated. I felt the mojo surging through me. It did turn out right and it was adorable. I was wicked impressed with the shaping. It is just amazing what shapes you can make with a pair of knitting needles.
My gauge was a little off, I should have cast on a few more stitches. But Mom gave me a safety pin, which bridged the little gap, and I wore it on the walk home. Since then I take every opportunity to wear it.