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I am an Auntie!

September 9, 2008

A week old

I am quite excited because I became an Auntie on Friday!  Some of my friends have lots of nieces and nephews but I am an only child so this is my first niece.  Yay!!! 

Friday was a crazy day.  I ended up passing a Michael’s craft store.  Ever since the Ragg Shop went bankrupt I rarely go to a craft store.  On my way home I was determined to go to that Michael’s to pick up some yarn for another project for my niece.  This required quite a little detour. Well I finally got to the Michael’s and had some cash to burn.  But none of the yarn inspired me  Apparently I have become a yarn snob when it comes to this little girl.


Back from the Baby Shower

June 10, 2008


We came home yesterday after a great weekend.  We got to spend time with the family, have some good food, and snuggle BIL and SIL’s cat.  Yes, that is their cat’s butt sticking out in the picture above. 

Thanks for the wrapping suggestions both in the comments and in emails.  It turned out we could not find a big bow and Hub voted against a bunch of little bows.  So we covered it with a crisp white sheet and then draped over that an extra large colorful baby themed [with baby animals, including lambs : ) ] gift bag.  It worked out well.

The cradle was the last gift opened.  My BIL [he knew what it was because he had to carry it up the stairs for me] took my SIL over to the gift.  She touched the top, looked at me, and asked if Hub had made something.  I nodded “yes.”  She took off the covers, looked at it, and started to cry.  Of course, then I started to cry.  Then other people started to cry. 

Hub was surprised when I told him that his cradle caused us to cry.  I was also surprised at the reaction.  But if we had thought about it beforehand, we should have known better.  It was an emotional day celebrating the impending arrival of a much anticipated child who will be well loved.  Hub put his heart into that cradle and I am glad people could see that.

How do we wrap a Cradle???

June 6, 2008

Well my SIL’s baby shower is on Sunday.  I had previously mentioned that Hub was working on a special gift.  As you should have figured out from the title – he made an awesome cradle!  Go Hub!


This is a picture of it almost done.  Hub did some more finishing on it after I took the picture. 

It is made out of cherry and he has been hard at work on it for weeks.  It has been really interesting to see it go from a bunch of boards to an actual cradle.  From the picture I think you can see that the headboard and footboard each angle out.  The sides also angle out.  The idea of getting that all to fit together would give me a headache, like a seaming an Aran sweater sort of headache.   But Hub’s take on it,”Fitting the angles on the back was the worst part.” 

Hub’s workshop has been a hive of activity as people have been popping in to check on his progress with the cradle.  The most ardent fan has been my Dad.  And let’s face it – the man knows cradles.  He is, after all, one of 17 (yes, 17) children and when he was growing up babies went into cradles as cribs were unheard of.    My parents went away last week.  On Monday when they came back to town their first stop was Hub’s workshop.  When I opened the door Dad almost ran over me in his eagerness to check on the progress. 

Anyway, the shower is on Sunday.  With the cradle we are including a mattress, mattress pad, sheets, a bumper, and hopefully a completed Five Hour Baby Sweater[ I am still working on that :)].  I plan on arranging all of that stuff nicely in the cradle but then what?  If I was giving this to anyone other than my SIL I would ask her how I should “wrap” this.  She is good with this kind of thing.  I am not.  But since it is for her I obviously cannot ask her.  So should I just stick a bow on top?  It is way too big for a box.  Should I cover it with fabric and a bow so she can sort of “open” it at the shower?  Any suggestions?  If so please leave them in the comments or email me at fairgirlknitsatexcitedotcom.