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Cranky Pants and My First Sock

October 14, 2008

Well I had on my cranky pants last week.  Hub decided to help me change my mood so over the weekend he took me to Milk and Cookies, bought me my favorite candies from Jacques Torres, and accompanied me on a knitting related wild goose chase.  He was even disappointed when I walked out of The Point empty handed.  By the end of the weekend I felt much better.  That Hub is a good guy.

Even though the bulletproof poncho is languishing and this blog is still without pictures, good things are on the horizon.  Rhinebeck is almost here and I have made major progress on my first sock.  I am knitting it out of red Valley Yarns Huntington.  For the “pattern” I am using the sock cheat sheet from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Knitting Rules.  Last week it was moving along well and then I realized that I had made a mistake on the leg and that it was going to be too big.  It got ripped out at 7:00am in a McDonald’s parking lot. 

Right now I am getting ready to start the heel flap.  Because my numbers are different than in the book, I am a little concerned about figuring out how to turn the heel.  However, after doing all those Fuzzy Feet, I should be able figure it out eventually.


A New Kind of Crazy on the Train

August 12, 2008

Yesterday while I was on the train I realized that a whole new sub-category of crazy has developed from the perennial favorite category of “crazy person who talks to him or her self in public”  Ever since the advent of headphones combined with radios there has been a small portion of the crazy person category who would sing or hum along aggressively to whatever music they were listening to or pretending to listen to.  This type of crazy use to be an anomaly.  However, I have encountered so many of them in recent months that I have realized that the “crazy person with mp3 player singing” has become a full-fledged crazy person sub-category. 

Usually members of this category are lone males in their twenties wearing earphones who rock back and forth while doing some combination of singing and/or humming.  It is the rocking, whether gentle or aggressive, that indicates to me that these people qualify as “crazy people.”  A long time ago I saw a documentary about severely neglected children.  Many of the children would rock back and forth as a way of soothing themselves.  Now I get to experience this behaviour first hand. 

While on the train yesterday working on some Fuzzy Feet (yeah, I know, I know but they are a great portable project), a guy sat down next to me and turned out to be a “crazy person with mp3 player singing.”  The volume of his singing/humming and the aggressiveness of his rocking kept changing throughout the trip.  He was very annoying, to say the least.  I was greatly tempted to politely ask him if he could lower his voice but then I realized that he was a crazy person and that I would be violating one of the cardinal rules of public transportation.  This rule is “Leave the crazy person ALONE.”   

Anyone offended by this post should stop their whining and just admit that they would never willingly sit by the “crazy person” on a bus, train or plane.

Amazon Package, Crazy Hair and KIPing

August 7, 2008

The package from Amazon turned out to be a book from a very nice friend.  No it was not a knitting book.  I have not gotten a new knitting book since I picked up the most recent Yarn Harlot book at the signing.  The library has not added anything interesting to their collection recently.  I am seriously jonesing for a new knitting book.  But you know I just do not need one.  Anyway, to make matters worse, the local bookstore appears to have hired someone who knows about knitting and crochet because that section has suddenly improved enormously.  I was in there last week and there were at least six books that needed to be added to my collection.  Normally there is nothing I want.  I nearly fell over with joy.  Hub had to drag me out of there.  

I got my hair cut shorter.  My hair is just wavy enough so it is not straight but not wavy enough to actually be curly.  In the past I kept it long to pull out the wave and make it more manageable.  However, now in these more enlightened times my hair dresser and I are trying to work with what my Mamma (and Poppa) gave me.  Until I get a bit more skilled with managing this new style, I have super fluffy hair.  A friend kindly said to me,   “Oh, wow, uh, your hair is very, uh, full.”  Which I think can be interpreted best as “OMG you look like a bobble head.”  I also learned that if I have a lot of product in my hair and fall asleep on the couch, when I wake up my hair will stand straight up.  Back in my Goth wannabe days this would have been very useful information.  Now, not so much.        

Yesterday and today I got to do one of my favorite things – KIP (on the pattern whose name shall not be mentioned, oh, you know, Fuzzy Feet).  Every once in a while I will be over on Ravelry and come across some comment or thread about someone reluctant to KIP because people will look at them or something.   The only people who ever look at me when I am knitting on the train or wherever, are either interested in it or completely bored.  This is one of the benefits of living in an urban area-in order to draw attention to yourself you need to do something totally outrageous and knitting just does not cut it as outrageous.

Swearing off Fuzzy Feet

July 25, 2008

If you think that I have been neglecting this blog, you should see the amount of laundry that has piled up.  Anyway, it has been a rough  character building few weeks.

Earlier this week I spent a few hours in a doctor’s office.  He is a really good doctor and at this point I know that  a visit to his office will often mean a very long wait.  Apparently I am not the only one who knows this because getting the first appointment for the day for him means a wait of many weeks.   

Of course, I put this time to good use and worked on, surprise, surprise a Fuzzy Feet slipper.  I have considered renaming this blog “Fuzzy Feet and Occassionally Knitting Something Else.”  All I have to do is graft the toe, which I still can’t do without instructions.  Once I finish this slipper’s mate I am swearing off Fuzzy Feet for awhile.  No, really.  I swear, as this blog is my witness, no more Fuzzy Feet.  It is a fun and portable pattern but I think it is time to finally make some actual socks.

Fixing the Toilet and Spit Splicing Yarn, But Not at the Same Time

April 16, 2008

One morning last week my Dad called to tell me that his toilet “kept running.”  It was noisy and wasting water – things my Dad cannot stand.  He is a crusty blue-collar kind of guy and I know sometimes he wonders what I learned during all those years of college and law school.  Secretly he hopes I took classes with titles like “Introduction to Plumbing,” “How to Fix Small Appliances” and “The Meaning of All Those Fees on Your Telephone Bill.”  Unfortunately,  while such classes would have been useful, they were not offered. 

In the past Dad has been known to tell me, “you’re good at fixing things,”  usually after he has lost patience with something and right before he throws it out a window.  Actually, I am decent at reading directions and trying to understand them.  Dad has no time for directions.  I don’t mind him passing the buck to me sometimes because he always helps us out when he can. 

Fortunately, Hub had recently fixed the same problem with our  toilet.  The packaging of the parts was still around so I pulled that out and told Dad what Hub had bought.  Then I did the sensible thing and called Hub as he knows about these things.  Hub and Dad talked and it was arranged that we would go over to their house that evening to take care of the toilet.  Dad walked over to get the needed parts from the local plumbing supply place [no big box home improvement store for Dad as he prefers to support his local merchants -go Dad!].   

That evening we got a good steak dinner and the toilet was fixed.  And yes, in that order.  Hub likes to work alone but at one point I was jammed in the small bathroom with my parents as Hub found himself giving a brief seminar on the care and repair of toilets.  I love that he knows this stuff. 

During the evening, when I wasn’t eating steak or admiring the quiet newly repaired toilet, I was working on the second Fuzzy Feet (foot?) slipper.  I finished the cuff, worked on the heel and stopped when I was about to start to turn the heel.  Later that night an unsettling thought hit me.  I had forgotten to change colors!!!  Considering that I had both skeins with me and my Mom looked at them, this was quite a goof. 

 My Fuzzy Feet Kit

When I was deciding whether to knit Fuzzy Feet I, of course, looked at all the completed pairs on Ravelry.  Such an excellent resource!  I was particularly attracted to pairs in which the cuff was done in one color and then the foot in another.  This is how I had done the first slipper and it is cute.  So now I had to rip back.  When I showed it to Hub he was sympathetic.  He also makes stuff so he knows what it is like when things do not go the way they are supposed to.  Actually, I was not too upset about having to redo the heel and then a good thing came out of it.  I realized that when changing colors I should spit splice the two yarns to avoid weaving in ends.  The podcast, Stash and Burn introduced me to the idea of spit splicing and it is one of my favorite techniques.   

The next day while speeding down a highway I spliced the yarn [no I was not driving but if I could do both at the same time successfully that would be impressive].  I used my little snips that Hub gave me and cut the yarns.  Then I wet the ends in water I had poured into the lid of a small water bottle and rubbed the pieces against my denim skirt [when dressing it can be helpful to dress in such a way that is useful for that day’s knitting].  I have only used spit once when splicing and it did not work out very well.  At home I prefer to use the hottest water I can get from my tap. 

Excellent Little Snips

Once the splice was completed I briefly admired it and then started work again.  I hope to finish the slipper tomorrow.

April is my Favorite Month

April 12, 2008

Crazy Whiskers
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I love April. It is a month filled with celebrations as it is the month of both my marriage and my birth. It is also the month when generally the hope of spring is finally felt. Well, at least some of the time.

Work continues on the second Fuzzy Feet slipper. The first one was knit in secret because it was funny looking and I was not sure if I was doing it right. Good thing I kept it at home because I am knitting much of the second one in public and it is getting a lot of scrutiny. I am going to have to start carrying the first one around with me because I am tired of the whole “it is going to get smaller when I felt it” spiel and I know the non-knitters are just not getting it.

Felting Madness

April 8, 2008

I finally finished the first Fuzzy Feet (Foot?) slipper in a frenzy.  It did look like a sock for Paul Bunyan. 

 Fuzzy Feet before felting

Once I was done with the knitting I decided to felt it to see how it would turn out if the felting process would adequately hide my mistakes.  I had done a swatch to experiment with felting before knitting up the first slipper.  However, the slipper felted in unexpected ways.  First, it felted much faster than the swatch did.  Second,  the cuff did not shrink as much as I expected but the foot shrunk more than I expected.  Nonetheless, it looks very cute and I have my fingers crossed that it will comfortably fit my MIL. 

  Fuzzy Feet

So now I have finally unveiled photos of the before and after.  Yeah, I guess I am finally proud of what was once the Frankenstein of my UFOs.  I cast on for the second slipper – now let’s hope it will somewhat match the first!

Yarn Harlot and Conquering the Fear of Fuzzy Feet

April 7, 2008

Yarn Harlot book signing
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The day of the Yarn Harlot book signing did not begin well for me. I thought I lost my cell phone. It had actually fallen under my car seat but it was on vibrate and it took awhile for me to hear the low hum. Some things that put a pit in your stomach are amusing a few days later. Well, not this.

The day turned around once my friend and I headed off to the book signing. He is not a knitter but we both enjoyed Stephanie’s talk. She really connects with the audience. I hope that one day she begins publishing fiction.

Being surrounded by lots of sock knitters energized me. I went home and picked up the fuzzy feet again. That first slipper is looking good. My desire to knit socks has been reignited. Suddenly visions of knitting socks are dancing in my head and sock patterns are powerfully attractive.

A Touch of Melancholy

March 9, 2008

Today I feel just a touch of melancholy.  I would like to blame it on having too much to do but I always have too much to do.  I think it may be related to the fact that I had a schedule in mind for today but that was thrown off course by having to wait for over an hour this morning for someone.  While waiting I got cold and just cannot shake the feeling.   

The Fuzzy Feet are still sitting in my knitting basked untouched.  The plan is to pick them up later today and do some work on them.  But honestly, I do not know if I am in the mood.  Or will ever be in the mood.  I do love the person that they are intended for but that does not get me over the hump of feeling frustrated with the slippers.  After the whole loss of mojo I have decided never to knit gifts with deadlines like Christmas again.  It just takes all the fun out of it for me.  I want to knit what I want to knit when it suits me.   Anymore I will just knit gifts for people when I feel like it and give them without regard to whether it is their birthday or another holiday. 

Fuzzy Feet

March 3, 2008

Cuff on Fuzzy Feet
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Well, the cuff looks good. It is the rest that is funny looking. Yes, I am still too embarassed to post a picture of the current progress. My goal for this week is to finish knitting at least one slipper.

Because research is second nature to me, I have been looking at books, magazines, and info on the internet to help me get over doing the instep. Admittedly none of my sources has pictured a “sock” that looks like mine. It could be a good week or a frustrating week. Hopefully I will end up with something I am not embarassed to post.