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Velcro Kitty and World Wide Knit In Public Day

June 16, 2008

Sleeping Kitty

First up, Kitty was very needy yesterday.  He woke us up with his “I am going to puke” noise.  Of course, we immediately swung into action so he upchucked on some paper towel and not the carpet.  He spent the rest of the day staying close to  one or both of us.  I have heard that cats are supposed to be aloof.  Apparently, Kitty never got that memo and I am glad for that.

On Saturday I attended my first WWKIP event and it was cool [yes, I am totally dating my self by using the word “cool”].  The event really embodied what WWKIP day is supposed to be about – knitters coming together to meet and enjoy each other’s company.  Members of three local knitting groups were there.  I got to meet some very nice people.  A local knitter, Marie, organized the event.  Go Marie!

The WWKIP website suggests that you might meet a neighbor.  I not only met someone who lives a block away from me, I discovered that I have been chatting on Ravelry with someone both my Mom and I know in real life but had not seen in years! Guess what?  Mom already knew this woman was a knitter and Mom also tells me that she is a super talented crafty person.  So two things I have suspected to be true are once again proven:

(1) My Mom really does know everything [she just does not always know she knows ; ) ]; and

(2) Knitters are everywhere. 

And now that I have met some local knitters I am looking forward to knitting with them.



Don’t Eat Your Own Puke!

May 22, 2008

Kitty has been out of sorts recently.  We took him to the vet and since then he has been getting antibiotics twice a day.  He really hates all of this.  To make matters worse he is shedding like crazy.  We comb him with both a furminator and a regular comb but due to being sick he has not been enjoying it as much so the combing sessions are just too short to really decrease the furballs.

Furry Beastie

The other evening he let out this very pained cry.  From experience we know that this is the “I think I am going to puke” warning.  Hub and I swung into action.  Kitty puked his just eaten dinner on the stairs and the second floor hallway.  While Hub took care of the mess in the hallway I went to take care of the small amount of puke on the stairs.  However, Kitty got there first and was very interested in his recently upchucked dinner.  I found myself yelling, “Don’t eat your own puke!”  He was distracted by this and I cleaned it up. 

Hub noted that because Kitty does not really chew his dry food, it looked pretty much like it did when he put it in Kitty’s bowl 20 minutes before.  It was probably the least gross kitty puke ever. 

Earlier that day Kitty was very naughty.  While I was upstairs he knocked a glass of milk off the kitchen table.  You would be surprised at how far milk can splash.  It got on some wool I had unwisely left in the kitchen.  I blotted the wool and hope it won’t need washing before I knit up.  It will get washed when I block it but I hope it it will be fine to knit with.  It is already in balls so if it needs to be washed I think I will have to unball it into hanks.  I really do not want to do that.  So we will see.        


April 19, 2008

Javi and his Christmas Sweater

Originally uploaded by fairgirl

Javi was the oldest and sickest dog at the shelter when my friend rescued him. She rescued him because that is the kind of heart she has.

With lots of love and attention and medical care he became a loving companion who expressed everything through the wag of his tail. And he looked good in the sweater knit especially for him. The people at the shelter would have never recognized him.

After years of living in a loving home, Javi passed away on Friday. Many tears have been shed over his passing. He will be missed.