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English Knitting Magazines and the Metric System

August 27, 2008

English Knitting magazines

My cousin from London and her boyfriend came for a visit.  She always brings me English knitting magazines.  I have to say that I just love them.  They are full of a wide range of patterns and at least one of them always comes with a great “free” item.  This time I ended up with a set of huge wooden knitting needles.
Giant Knitting Needles

On previous trips I have gotten other nifty stuff like nice stitch markers and a crochet hook.  I just love these things and I wish U.S knitting magazines sometimes included such “freebies.”  The feeling is akin to the joy I felt as a kid when I got the prize in the cereal box.  Okay, so I am an only child and did not have to compete with anyone for that toy, but hey, joy is joy.

Another reason I love these magazines is that they are a total surprise to me.  I have to admit that sometimes by the time the new IK or some of the other knitting magazines hit the stands, I feel like I have already read them because I have already seen some of the patterns on the internet and heard them discussed on podcasts.  That is not a bad thing, but it is weird to be standing in the bookstore looking at a magazine and be confused about whether or not I have already bought it because the patterns look familiar. 

There is one downside to these magazines, in order to knit the patterns I am going to have to force myself to get familiar with the dreaded metric system.  My cousin’s boyfriend kept saying things to me like “108 kilometers” or “23 kilograms” and I kept saying “I have no idea what that means.”  Luckily he is a teacher and kept whipping out a calculator to convert the numbers for me.  The one thing I do have a handle on is “stone.”  I  know that a “stone” is roughly 14 pounds.  This is essential information for understanding the English tabloids.  Oh, the English tabloids, they are a whole different post!!!

Anyway, does anyone know if Rowan is cheaper in England?  In other words, should I try to convince my cousin to bring me some over on her next trip?  I suspect it is not but I do have fantasies of a sweater’s worth of Rowan magically appearing in my stash.