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Shopping in my sleep?

August 4, 2008

On Friday I came home and found a post-it from UPS indicating that I had missed delivery of a package from Amazon.  I am not waiting for anything from Amazon.  Hub has not ordered anything recently.  It is not my birthday.  It is not Hub’s birthday.  Heck, it is not even the cat’s birthday.  There are no gift giving holidays looming on the horizon. 

I am always roaming around Amazon and the Internet looking at knitting books, digital cameras, and, until a few days ago, GPSs.  The GPS recently arrived so that is now off the list.  Okay, so I am a wee bit afraid that I ordered something or somethings in my sleep.  This would not be a completely shocking development for me as I can seem to hold complete conversations while being sound asleep.  Hub has learned this to his detriment.  Anyway, if I did order something while in an unconscious state, it will be interesting to see if my unconscious self has good taste.